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Please adjust the drop-down box beside each lottery. Home means that you will play at your home stadium. Away means that you will play away. Trade means that you want to trade the flag. Please select No/Out in case you would like to unsubscribe from a lottery.

For lotteries listed under a specific Federation, you need to be a member of this fed to participate.

Some notes about the other parameters:
Supp = Supporter status, whether you need to support the lottery donor to participate, or if there are increased winning chances for supporters
Min Fans = you need to have at least that number of fans to participate
Trade = whether or not you can trade this flag or need to play yourself
Tickets (Prob) = number of tickets sold/participants and if you are participating, probability to win (in parentheses)
Winner = User who has won the lottery
Play = current or desired participation status. If Info symbol is shown you cannot participate in the lottery. Mouse over icon to display reason.

No federation restrictions

Flag 2nd/
H/ABySuppMin FansTradeTickets (Prob)DeadlineWinnerPlay
you have to be a supporter of my 1st team Italian champions
Both Superbots 0 No 0Thu, 27 Jan 09:00h
(1d 18h 7m)
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