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Welcome to HT Flagtools

HT Flagtools is a set of tools for flag collecting managers of the online football manager game Hattrick.

The current version provides the following features:

  • A random challenge database, where managers can enter their accepted arbitrary challenges against managers from rare countries
  • A database of teams from rare countries that do not accept random challenges
  • Country Analysis provides an overview of active teams in small countries (less than around 500 users) on a per-series basis, to assist you in deciding what teams to challenge
  • An overview of a manager's current sent and received friendly challenges
  • Lotteries

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7 Jul 2013  -  Second team support
HT Flagtools now supports second teams for participating in lotteries, submitting random challenges, etc.
12 May 2013  -  Manage Lotteries Updates for Donors
New options to copy lotteries and change deadlines, small layout changes
2 Mar 2013  -  Polish Translation
Polish language is now available, thanks to ampulka!
14 Feb 2013  -  Reshuffling Lotteries
Flag donors can now reshuffle lotteries in case the original winner cannot play the match. The reshuffling can be triggered for closed lotteries by clicking on the arrow icon next to the winner on the Shuffle page
12 Jan 2013  -  Norwegian Translation
Norsk, bokmål translation is now available, thanks to ultracool!
8 Dec 2012  -  Lottery "Set all" Option
An option to join or leave all possible lotteries is now available at the bottom of the Lotteries page. Select the option you want (e.g. "None" to leave all lotteries), then click on "Set all", confirm and push "Update" button
1 Oct 2012  -  Lithuanian Translation
Lietuvių translation published, thanks to Kacerga!
29 Aug 2012  -  Portuguese Translation
Português language version now available, thank you MGBentus!
16 Aug 2012  -  Slovak Translation
We now have a Slovenčina language version, thanks to Mod-paul33!
11 Aug 2012  -  Czech Translation
Čeština is now available, thank you Fleasfan!
5 Aug 2012  -  Italian Translation
We now have a version of the site in Italiano, thanks to piriland!
18 May 2012  -  Lotteries
An initial version of flag lotteries is available!
30 Mar 2012  -  Spanish Translation
Español language published now, thank you to Juan_M6!
1 Feb 2012  -  Dutch Translation
Nederlands is now available, thank you to KapiteinGerard!
23 Jan 2012  -  French Translation
The new languages keep rolling in. French is now available, thanks to CHPP-Teles!
22 Jan 2012  -  Translations
There are now Finnish (Thanks to Maukha!) and German translations of the site. You can change the language on the main page or from the Settings page on the left menu.
If you are interested in translating HT Flagtools to your language, contact me by HT mail or send an email to contact@ht‑
13 Nov 2011  -  Federation
The Country Flags Federation (ID:79749) is holding a competition where successful challengers and accepters can win 3 months supporter prizes. You are welcome to join!
12 Nov 2011  -  Country filter
There is a new option settings on the View page for random challenge teams that lets you filter out countries that you have already hosted or visited
20 Oct 2011  -  Additional list
There is now a separate list of "not suitable" teams that usually do not accept random challenges for various reasons (e.g. traded, flag chasing, etc.). Another nice list that was provided by Maukha. Feel free to add teams that you know are not accepting.
17 Jul 2011  -  Moved
HT Flagtools has moved to a new, faster server (thanks to Mackshot!) Please note that the site is also using a new domain name now, which ends in .org instead of .net
22 Jun 2011  -  More Teams!
We have now about 500 more friendly teams from rare countries after merging in Maukha's list of teams.
Thanks Maukha!
18 Jun 2011  -  Site published
HT Flagtools is now published as a CHPP application and announced in a couple of flag collector's federations
8 Jun 2011  -  CHPP Approval
HT Flagtools is now an official CHPP approved web site