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Last 10 Submissions Of Randomly Accepted Challenges

Oct 29 18:05Baxie UnitedUzbekistanHome2019-10-09challenged by PEPEANGEL
Oct 29 17:01CA KennedyParaguayHome2019-10-12challenged by mandrakata
Oct 29 17:01Avatars of WildernessJapanHome2019-10-15challenged by mandrakata
Oct 29 17:01Arsenal Tiki Taka TeamPanamaHome2019-10-19challenged by mandrakata
Oct 22 22:10Juventus São ToméSão Tomé e PríncipeAway2019-09-25challenged by falkp
Oct 22 22:10Guam FCGuamAway2019-10-02challenged by falkp
Oct 22 22:10luckinTeamComorosAway2019-10-09challenged by falkp
Oct 22 22:10Caribbean LeManSSCuraçaoAway2019-10-13challenged by falkp
Oct 22 22:101. FC ulaan har GlubbMongoliaHome2019-10-19challenged by falkp
Oct 18 12:15Nā Pali GhostsGuamHome2019-04-18challenged by AntonioEpif