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Last 10 Submissions Of Randomly Accepted Challenges

Jul 04 10:59F.c. PinscherBotswanaAway2020-07-08challenged by GerardEnNietMeer
Jul 02 15:10FC CastellinoSaint Vincent and the GrenadinesAway2020-05-31challenged by zigmondm
Jul 02 14:12Saint Vincent and RomaniaSaint Vincent and the GrenadinesAway2020-07-01challenged by Maukha
Jul 02 12:30KTCWHong KongAway2020-07-08challenged by paultb
Jun 28 13:15Camp NouFaroe IslandsAway2020-05-31challenged by Dziugaz
Jun 25 15:48ValaisanneUgandaAway2020-07-01challenged by kronnopio
Jun 25 13:12Palestin Star TeamPalestineAway2020-07-01challenged by paultb
Jun 18 15:26esplendidosNicaraguaAway2020-06-24challenged by Chigio
Jun 03 17:07The indris htcMadagascarAway2020-05-27challenged by windflower
Jun 02 14:57Above&BeyondIndiaHome2020-05-30challenged by mandrakata